About Us

We Are Kindergarten And Childhood Is Our Passion

I am Faryal Khan the founder of The Smart Pre School Box. I am a dedicated and certified early childhood teacher with a passion for teaching young children. I have 14 years of working experience in diverse settings and curriculums, teaching children aged two-to- six. Teaching is more of a passion to me than just a profession. During all these years of my teaching experience, I came across many different kinds of concerns from parents; as some had low budget which resulted a compromise in getting their child a great early childhood education. Some parents were worried about keeping their children engaged in learning activities rather than wasting time on gadgets and screens. Others wanted to home school their children to learn at their own pace and some want to supplement their child’s regular school learning at home with easy-to-use activities. As a result of all the above concerns my passion drive me to utilize my experience and create SMART way of teaching and learning through The Smart Pre School Box activities that accommodates needs and concerns of parents and motivate them to keep their children engaged and cognitively stimulated on their own.

  • Monthly hands on 20+ exciting activities systematically broken into themed 4 weeks
  • User-friendly step by step guide that makes it easy to follow instructions
  • All the material is included, that is required for the activities.
  • Leveled readers to built up reading skills
  • Exciting and engaging hands on activities and worksheets for math, English and Understanding about the world.
  • Fun Craft concept based activity
  • Assessment sheet, after every 3 month box to track your child’s progress.
  • All activities are designed to work at its own pace and progresses as your child masters them
  • Tailored for parents and educators with “no prior teaching experience”
  • All the material is included in the box that is required for each activity
  • 2 years curriculum divided in level 1 for ages 3 to 4.5 and level 2 for ages 4 to 5.5
  • Prepares your child for school without going to pre-school.

How It Works

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