Audirvana mqa green blue free download.Audirvana Plus announces MQA integration on Mac OS

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Audirvana mqa green blue free download

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Share this: Tweet. So it is not surprising that it sounds different from the CD. Doownload cannot wait for scientific evidence for the working principles of MQA. Of course this is not optimal but the alternative is to capture the digital output, which I am not set up to do.❿

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Before Audirvana Studio, the MQA logo was either green or blue. There are some threads about it in the community. Antoine. I just bought a DSD file, and it plays back at kz! (On Roon it plays back as DSD ) My DSD and 64 files play at the proper. Some albums on Tidal MQA have a green circle. One of Metheny’s latest albums was encoded in the MQA with a blue circle. Audirvana Plus, the desktop music player for macOS, has released the ‘unfold’ and also authenticates the file using a blue or green. Music player upgrade offers improved audio playback London / Paris, 16 March – Audirvana Plus, the desktop music player for macOS.


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ASIO is a standard with similar features developed by Steinberg. A library manager which performs well with large numbers of tracks. I tried it with over 50, tracks and it was perfectly responsive. There is no support for the likes of Spotify or Apple Music; I guess these are not the target market because they use lossy compression. Audirvana is delivered as a download though it is a click-once application which means it updates semi-automatically, prompting you to update if an update is available.

The user interface is, from the point of view of a Windows user, rather quirky. There is no menu or ribbon, but by clicking around you can find what you need.

Some of the settings are accessed by clicking a gearwheel icon, others such as the per-device options shown in the illustration above by clicking an arrow to the right of the device name. There is also a compact view, obtained by clicking a symbol at top left, designed for playback once you have lined up the tracks you want.

The current version seems unreliable when it comes to showing cover art in the library. Sometimes cover art shows up in the mini view, but not the full view. Searching the library is quick, but because the user interface is fairly blocky, you do not see many results on a page. An option just to show details in a list would be good or perhaps it exists but I have not clicked in the right place yet.

I can forgive all this since despite a few annoyances the user interface is responsive, the search fast, and playback itself works well. How much impact does the music player have on sound quality? This is difficult to answer definitively. On the one hand, the amount of distortion introduced by a sub-optimal player should be negligible compared to other sources of distortion. On the other hand, if you have gone to the trouble and expense of investing in hi-res downloads, streaming or DSD, it must be worth ensuring that every link in the chain does justice to those sources.

It is true that on Windows, with its enthusiastic technical audiophile community, most of what Audirvana does can be achieved with free players such as Foobar or VLC. There is also the excellent JRiver as an alternative paid-for player, though this lacks software MQA decoding appreciating that not everyone likes or needs this.

That said, the uncomplicated user interface of Audirvana Plus is great for audio enthusiasts who would rather not spend too much time fiddling with settings or plugins.

A free day trial version of Audirvana Plus 3 is available. Additional pricing information on Audirvana Plus 3 to buy or upgrade :. I have to admit the hallways at the Denver Marriott Tech Centre were starting to collapse inward like a spiral tunnel, and I felt like my legs were running through thigh-deep water by Saturday afternoon […].

Some equipment just speaks your language. Pass Labs designs have always been a favourite of mine on the audio-show circuit. They construct incredibly musical components with real sonic muscle that never sacrifices air or detail, so […]. Share this: Tweet. Share on Tumblr. About Rafe Arnott Articles. Facebook Twitter. October 1, Rafe Arnott Canada , Digital RMAF



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