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Autodesk desktop app also delivers and applies critical security patches for all Autodesk products onwards. For more details see this article. The layer is created when the next hatch or fill is created. Instead, it’s recommended that you convert these bitmap images to transparent PNG images. We made a minor change to the color handling feature in , which caused this change in behavior.

See more on the blog post AutoCAD It will depend upon the type of API used for your app. NET framework 4. Use Visual Studio for. NET development but it might work with som of the older versions too. Previously, no records of parse errors are stored.

ErasedOverride Method Called from the corresponding persistent reactor callback method of the parent AssocDependency class that owns this dependency body object.

It does not need to be overridden. IsBeingDestroyed Property Finds out if this database is in the process of being destroyed. ExtendedMinorVersion Property Gets the drawing file minor version. ToolbarBackgroundColor Property Gets toolbar background color value. System requirements on Autodesk’s page. As always with system requirements these are minimal requirements for AutoCAD to run. For professional usage you surely want to have much better hardware.

FlexNet version Autodesk recommends installing the Network License Manager in the default installation folder. Starting with version v Autodesk products can obtain license from Network License Server v However, it is strongly recommended to upgrade the license servers to the latest version, v Supported operating systems for the license manager are:.

More details here. Unfortunately there is no tooltip or preview image when holding the mouse over a layout tab name in the vertical layout list. This makes it hard to see layout names that are too long to show completely.

When moving objects the objects in the original position are displayed with a faded deletion effect. For consistency this should also apply to rotating and scaling of objects but it does not. Add the ability to create custom subset properties in Sheet Set Manager. Subset custom properties. Cannot import Autodesk desktop app settings from an existing deployment to AutoCAD based products. It should show up if you for example search for disassociate center mark.

On the Start tab the Recent Documents preview icons are not scaled correctly. Make a drawing with a circle and notice how it is compressed to an ellipse in the preview. Wipeouts with many vertices can cause AutoCAD to lag. Merging layers containing certain characters like for example or and possibly others will make the drawing corrupted. Full list of FlexNet feature codes and descriptions. Starting with AutoCAD based products, the renderer calculates all standard lights as photometric lights.

It is recommended to update all standard lights in a scene to photometric lights. Starting with AutoCAD based products, you can no longer set a drawing to standard lighting. Available online here. AutoCAD Autodesk AutoCAD Accumulated hotfix 1 for AutoCAD based products. Open Light Object Enabler bit and bit. AutoCAD Templates. Understanding Cascade Licensing for Autodesk Products.

Compare AutoCAD versions. Find the certified and recommended computer hardware for the products or suites you are planning to install. For more information, go to www. About DXF format. Subscribe to the blog. Other Useful Links. Your Comments About This Post. Is our service is satisfied, Anything want to say? Cancel reply. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address!

Leave this field empty. Trending Today. Easy Engineering – April 19 0. Load more. Get New Updates Email Alerts Enter your email address to subscribe this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join With us. Today Updates. Moran, Howard N August August 8.

July July June Duggal Free Download June Charles H. Roth, Larry April April 6. Popular Files. Grewal Book Free Download April Verma Book Free Download February Dutta Free Downlaod August 5. Bansal Book Free October Trending on EasyEngineering. Rajandran and Dr January August Murty Book Layer 0. Layer 1. Which of the following layer can be deleted from layer property manager palette?

Layer containing objects. Frozen layer not containing objects. What is the highest value of layer transparency? State True or False: If you select “retain” or “delete” from objects panel of create block window then block will not be created. State True or False: An image can be attached as an xRef in the drawing. Which among the following is not true for an xRef? You can insert xRef which has same name as a block in the drawing.

You can modify xRef from drawing in which it is attached. Now place circle on Drg layer then select circle and change its color to green from properties palette. What is the final color of circle now? Default color of AutoCAD drawing objects.

Layer, Block and xRef. Part 6 — Dimensioning and annotations. What is the command for starting text style dialogue box? What is the type of dimensioning used in the drawing shown in the image? In the image shown here, extension line of linear dimension is indicated by which color? Which one is not a command for single line text? In order to align Multileader of drawing A to the configuration of drawing B which command can be used?

What is the name of dimension type shown in this image? What is the command for starting table in AutoCAD? What is the command for starting multileader tool? Dimensioning and text quiz.

Part 7 — Reusable objects and printing. Which among them is not an option for starting print command? Which orientation is landscape among A and B? To plot all layouts at once which command you can use? To plot only a particular portion of a drawing which option can be selected in plot area panel of PLOT window?

How can you change size of drawing in your final PLOT?



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Computer Graphics. April Specify the location, and the downloading will start. State True or False: If you select “retain” or “delete” from objects panel of create block window then block will not be created. Continue Reading.


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