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I like my landscape orientation images to be pixels wide and pixels high. Though, to stop my portrait orientation images from getting too tall, I also resize those to pixels high. Selecting pixels high resizes both orientations correctly. Select an Output location, and if you want to change the file name, select a preset for that too. You can see a summary of your settings in the Process Summary area. As you generally want your resized images to be sharpened, uncheck Disable Sharpening under the Adjustments tab.

Under Metadata, select your required options. Keywords are usually a good idea too. If you like to watermark your images, you can do that under the Watermark tab. This is illustrated in the screenshot to the right. This makes it somewhat transparent, but can be seen on most colored backgrounds. The Horizontal and Vertical positions shown here will place the watermark in the bottom left hand corner.

To adjust the position, click on the little hand icon at the top right corner of the Watermark panel. Once this is set, click the Process button, and your selected images will be output to the specified Output folder. Resized, watermarked and ready for the Web. If you want to specify an output location for certain image types, you can select a different location under the File tab.

This is saved in your Process Recipe, which is very useful. To send a selected photograph to another application for editing, you can right click a thumbnail and select Open With. Here you can select the third party application, such as Photoshop, from the submenu. Keep in mind that this method will open the original file without any of the changes from Capture One. If you want to keep your changes, a better option is to send the image straight to the other program.

To do so, right click the image and select Edit With. This opens a dialog for you to select the format and color space etc. Note also that this will create a copy of the image that it sends to Photoshop. You can use C and Enter keys, but C and H keys fit my workflow better since my left hand is always positioned on the keyboard.

All tools with sliders There are three ways to speed up adjusting Exposure, WB, HDR, Clarity, and any other tool with sliders: 1 You can hover your cursor over any slider and move it using a mouse wheel or touchpad. Note that in Capture One 20, the mouse wheel and touchpad are now scrolling interface by default.

To adjust sliders, you need to hold down Alt key or switch Alt-scrolling to interface in Capture One settings:. However, I know photographers who mastered effective work with adjustment shortcuts. Previously, Capture One had support for only high-end retouch panels by Tangent. Fortunately, things have changed during the last three years, and now there are way more controllers to choose from.

Here I have described all the available controllers for Capture One. WB and Color Balance adjustments usually fit group-editing-concept and can be easily copied. Thus, most of the individual corrections are done with Color Editor. It allows you to quickly pick any color on an image and adjust it just by moving your cursor. Direct Color editing might feel weird at first, but this is a perfect tool for batch editing. All you need is to remove, say, magenta color cast on a particular image. For such a task, Direct Color Editor fits just awesomely.

Layers work so fantastically in Capture One that you want to use them a lot. Still, any local correction reduces your editing speed.

To get advantages of batch editing layers, you need to control all local corrections with shortcuts only. With the new platform, Phase One transfers image editing into IQ4.

Capture One Inside system provides you with an improved quality of editing JPEG images, a better live view mode, higher frame rate and new tools. If you have a Sony camera, you have a unique opportunity to download Capture One Express for Sony totally free.

Pro version is a paid program, which is every bit as good as the standard Capture One Pro. Cracked programs, unlike the license version, often contain viruses or various spyware programs that can not only slow down your computer performance or disable the system, but also delete your personal data or send it somewhere.

Downloading a pirate software is punishable by law. At first, you will receive warning letters of impleading. In order to crack a license program, hackers change its code in different ways that can lead to incorrect operation of some tools, various glitches, and program crash. Capture One just like any other demanded programs gets updates from time to time, where different bugs are fixed, the tools are improved and new ones are added.

After downloading a pirate version of the program, the following updates will not be available for you. You can contact it for one reason or another. There, in the user support, they will explain you the cause of a crash and tell how to work with any tools properly. Check out these 3 free Capture One alternatives that are similar to this program in some functions.

Pixlr is a free photo editor. It has a modern interface and a large choice of tools for professional and amateur image editing. See Plugins for Capture One in Action. ON1 Resize The best-selling photo enlargement plugin. Previous Owner? Sign in for upgrade pricing on licenses. ON1 Everything Plus Subscription. ON1 Everything Subscription. ON1 Effects Give your photos a professional look without any complex edits! New Features in Super Select AI Never worry about brushes, layers, masks, or any of that.

Adaptive Presets AI-powered adaptive presets adapt to different subjects, scenes, animals, people, and more in each of your photos. Instant Preset Previews If you’re tired of looking at thumbnails to find the right preset, there is a new way to view them on your photos in full-screen.

Features in AI-Based Noise Reduction Leverages state-of-art machine learning to build an AI network to remove luminance and color noise while maintaining the details. Tack Sharp AI State-of-the-art sharpening and deblurring. Mask AI Mask AI uses state-of-art machine learning to segment photos, identifying objects like people and animals as well as regions.



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